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About Us

About Us

The purpose of the Glenwood School Community is to provide every student with a challenging educational program which develops and nurtures self-esteem, intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and, in the process, creates a happy and productive citizen.

Glenwood is a place where you will find dedicated educators, committed families, and engaged students working collaboratively to create a positive and rigorous 21st century learning environment. Students and teachers have mutual respect and high expectations in order to foster college and career readiness skills.


  • High academic standards
  • Strong parent involvement
  • Integration of a variety of technological tools for research, writing, projects, and communication in a state-of-the-art technology lab and in all classrooms
  • Collaborative work toward common goals
  • Emphasis on basic skills instruction that stresses math and language arts grade-level mastery
  • Hands-on K-5 program in the life, earth, and physical sciences that stimulates student interest and curiosity
  • Specialized music program that highlights singing, rhythmic notation, movement, and instruments
  • Innovative art program that combines art history with the basic elements of art and principles of design
  • Regular physical conditioning and activities that build skills, coordination, and sportsmanship