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My teaching philosophy is to introduce a variety of art materials and techniques that inspire the creative artist hiding in each child. I also use examples from art history, different world cultures, and nature while teaching a range of skills. I strive to create a welcoming and calm art studio where each student is recognized as an artist. “You are the artist. You can decide”.  There are no rigid project requirements in my art studio program.

My curriculum builds on basic art skills that are taught and then further refined as the students’ progress developmentally. Each student creates a self-portrait each year using different media. Group, as well as individual projects, are created. Students also create projects inspired by artists, like the large scale action figure paintings that third graders paint together after learning about Keith Haring, and the pattern and color work that students make inspired by Dale Chihuly.

Individual ideas and creative problem solving are always encouraged. I also believe that it is important for the art teacher to be a practicing artist.  As a sculptor and an active local artist, I can bring years of hands-on knowledge to my students.

I want each child to enjoy a positive experience in the art studio. I strive to give them the time to explore various art materials, the space to experiment and learn skills, and the chance to personally express themselves.  I most enjoy seeing a student’s face light up with joy and pride in their efforts in the art studio!